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Automation Unleashed: Streamline, Optimize, Maximize

Automate mundane tasks and focus on scaling your app. Experience unparalleled efficiency by harnessing the power of Tenjin’s set of automation tools.

Powering mobile publishers around the world

Jump start your self-publishing journey with free automation tools

Once you embark on the self-publishing journey, every dollar and every hour counts. Tenjin’s Automation has a track record of elevating small teams to the level of larger competitors – without incurring additional costs.


Advanced automation platform for established mobile publishers

Empower your publishing operations with an advanced automation platform. Seamlessly integrate with your existing BI system, bridging existing automation gaps. Or build an automation system from the ground up.

Leverage next-generation marketing APIs

Create hundreds of Tenjin campaigns in one click via our Campaign Management API. Get the aggregated user acquisition or monetization data via the Reporting Metrics API. Streamline granular data with custom callbacks.

Elevate UA with one-of-a-kind LiveOps campaigns

Tailor your user journey based on the attribution source. This opens up a whole array of different opportunities for better, and more innovative in-app experiences. For example, you can reward your users, or do custom onboarding.

Effortlessly run advertising campaigns on auto-pilot

Take advantage of the machine learning capabilities of chosen ad networks to automate your UA campaigns. Achieve optimization aligned with your business priorities effortlessly – be it events, IAP revenue, or IAA revenue.

Customer Success Stories

Kooapps' journey from from indie studio to major publisher with Tenjin

In this case study, we take you through the journey of Kooapps as they scale from an indie studio to a major publisher with Tenjin. Here is a summary of the results they achieved using Tenjin’s ad attribution, session-based ad revenue LTV, and DataVault:

  • 8x Revenue Growth
  • 3x LTV increase

Revenue is up 8x since we first used Tenjin a few years ago and paid UA spend is 30x so Tenjin has completely transformed our business. We love Tenjin!

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How Mexico’s Top Mobile Publisher Boosted their Portfolio LTV by 35% – A HyperBeard Case Study

HyperBeard is the largest mobile game developer and publisher in Mexico, with 210 Million+ downloads on AppStore and PlayStore. They specialize in cute casual idle games targeting a young, adult, female demographic.

  • 20% increase in ROAS
  • 35% Portfolio LTV (cross-promo) uplift

We love using DataVault. Historically, we were just using whatever was available on the dashboard with whatever MMP we were using. But obviously, that’s pretty limited. DataVault allows us to expand beyond the Tenjin dashboard. It’s great for creative performance tracking, and Portfolio LTV analysis.

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Ad Revenue Callbacks and ROAS campaigns increased YOMI Studio’s ARPDAU by 60% – Case Study

In this case study, we take you through the journey of YOMI Studio as they enter an unprecedented phase of hyper-growth after incorporating Tenjin’s Ad Revenue Callbacks and ROAS Campaigns. Here is a summary of what they achieved:

  • 60 hours per month of co-founder’s time saved
  • 60% ARPDAU uplift

Combining Tenjin Ad Revenue Callbacks and ROAS campaigns has enabled us to spend less time on optimization but still scale campaigns at will, moving YOMI into an unprecedented phase of hyper-growth.

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How to increase ROAS and LTV for SKAN campaigns with TikTok & Tenjin – A Tokyo Tsushin Case Study

Tokyo Tsushin partnered with TikTok and Tenjin to easily identify users who would trigger valuable in-app events such as purchase, subscribe, and level completion, while controlling costs.

  • 33% increase in Day 7 ROAS
  • 24% increase in Day 3 LTV

Launching scalable SKAN campaigns is definitely a challenge. Thanks to the combination of TikTok and Tenjin, we were able to run goal-oriented SKAN campaigns at scale.

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Combine Tenjin’s Automation with our other products

Automation is just one of Tenjin’s tools. Level up your mobile app by pairing Automation with our other products.


Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines

Save costs effortlessly by adopting our no-code, plug-and-play data pipelines, eliminating the need for expensive in-house data engineering altogether.

LTV prediction

LTV Prediction

Tenjin’s LTV prediction provides reliable and actionable insights for publishers of all sizes that need to make quick optimization decisions with confidence and precision.

Marketing Data warehouse logo

Marketing Data Warehouse

DataVault democratizes access to marketing data, offering quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that are typically reserved for enterprise-level companies.

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